Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Don't Get Yelled At

Advice for 12-year olds, How to Not Get Yelled At by your Uncles by Paul Zdepski

How to NOT Get YELLED At by your Ukrainian Uncles.

These tips also are known to work for German, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese Uncles, too. Adjust accordingly.

I grew up in a family of tradesmen. Each became a master of their craft. My brothers and I were expected to be experienced through osmosis, and if we faltered, we were berated. I was carrying buckets of mortar, shoveling gravel, hauling dirt and sweeping up at a young age. If you were a male in the family, you were expected to work with the men.

shovel sand or gravel from the bottom of the pile, not the top. break loads into two trips rather than one lazy man's load.

On that premise, I've built a number of illustrations about survival at the workplace for 12-year olds. I chose that age because of the biblical reference to manhood… "and yay verily, he became a man…"

Getting yelled at by burly masons and carpenters in front of other laborers and tradesmen is a humiliating and frustrating thing. I'm passing these gems of information onto you and any kids you may know that have to show up on the job site with all the knowledge about how things are done.

I hope this helps. Look for more tips in the upcoming issue of the Magic Bullet 8

Move smaller machines to sweep. carrying two partial buckets is easier than one full one.

Original sketch form - These two tips aren't in the Magic Bullet, but should be.

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