Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fire Tiki Chainsaw Carving

Zdepski's Chainsaw Carving - Fire Tiki Lantern

Fire Tiki God - Lantern. This is my 3rd-ever Chainsaw carving. I hollowed a 4 foot high, 350 lb. White Pine log with branching on the top. I used a Stihl MS170 chainsaw to carve the majority, though my friend's 300 series Stihl was used to split the back and hollow the log. I use chisels to give detail and texture in many places, though it's still basically a Chainsaw carving.

Movie Walk Around with Drop Light Illumination

Zdepski's Chainsaw Carving - Fire Tiki sketch

Humble Beginnings - 4 foot Pine Log 350lbs - Sketch Idea on Right

Zdepski's Chainsaw Carving - Fire Tiki Lantern Day 3

Carving Done - Day 3 final sanding, waiting for Teeth and Paint

Zdepski's Chainsaw Carving - Fire Tiki Lantern in Black and Gold

Black exterior undercoating, and Gold Metallic sprayed on the interior surfaces to reflect the Flame/Flicker lights.


Unknown said...

Wow! Incredible job, especially considering it's only your third one. You should be proud of what you've accomplished!

Honeydew Branchweed said...

Wow is right! Hard to believe you did this with a chainsaw. Very cool. Love it. Where are they now?