Friday, June 21, 2013

Raggy's Rag

Raggy Ragsdale's Retirement Rag illustration by Paul Zdepski

A friend of mine with a very informative YouTube Channel has wised (wizzened?) up and quit the rat race. Raggy Ragsdale, enjoy your Ukelele collection! Just keep posting those lessons!

Everyone else, back to your Hamster wheels!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Tut Tut

Zdepski's illustration of Tut-Tut, the local drunk.

Tut-Tut would wave to every school bus. The kids loved him. He put his beer in the stream to keep it cold. Our Neighbor said his real name was Schmackerbreiner...

Tut-tut would push his bike everywhere he went, often too drunk to ride, or loaded down with Thunderbird, Malt Liquor, or Ripple from the local liquor store. When he died, his entire shed was filled with empty bottles, floor to ceiling.

My brother Mark writes:

"In my memory he wears a baseball cap, has flags on the handle bars, sometimes crepe paper in the spokes. At that time his bike had saddle baskets on the rear wheel, it keeps the center of gravity lower when you are hauling a heavy load. His real name was Mac_______. He was a relative of our neighbors, the kids called him "Smacker-briner" because he smacked his lips in addition to saying "Tut Tut". Our neighbor Roger got in trouble with his grandmother for yelling out of the car window “Hey Smacker-briner!” as they passed him one time. The grandmother came close to tears, evidently he was a disappointment to the extended family. I have more about lewd conduct that was reported in the public press, but it takes too long to type."

My brother Joel adds:

"He had a dirty flag on a bamboo cane, too. I think there was a time that he could, and did, actually ride that bike. Not very well, but he did ride."

and brother James writes:

"In my memory he was more filthy than Pig Pen (from Charlie Brown). A few times in the market we were close enough to tell that his clothes were so dirty that his pants could probably stand in the corner on their own. I think his bathing amounted to reaching into the stream for a cold one.

Alan T____ used to tell him it was his birthday, Tut Tut would give him a dime. He could tell him the same story everyday for a dime."

finally, sister Jean says:

"yup...every kid would tell him it was his/her birthday and got a dime.. then the kid would spend it on Bowker's (Pharmacy) penny candy...lotsa kids had numerous birthdays each year."