Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chainsaw Carving

zdepski's chainsaw carving of a skull, painted black
zdepski's chainsaw carving of a skull, painted black

Chainsaw Skull - Juniper and Black Paint

I stopped by my new friend, Glenn Richardson's Studio for a quick visit, but I got the full escorted tour of the shop, gardens and sculpture "pit". He handed me some Kevlar Chaps (pronounced Shapps, not like your English friends the chaps) to keep me from chopping off my legs, Mickey Mouse earphones and a 2.5 horsepower Stihl Chainsaw with a fine tipped ( 1 inch radius ) cutting bar. He "cut me loose" to try my hand at the process... uhmmm... What?

He was gone... off on the other side of the property, carving a fish for an upcoming show in Newark NJ this summer. I was on my own

Glenn had me chopping into a piece of Juniper (aromatic cedar) screwed to a cutting block. I had no idea what to carve, so I started to hew a head from the log. I eventually shaped it into a skull. Glenn's process is to "torch the fuzzies" off with a butane torch, then use various pigments to build a full chroma on the surface. I was able to hit the fuzzies with a flap sander on a grinder, then use base coat of exterior grade black to seal the skull. Glen then suggests a coat of green be dry brushed on the high surfaces, then various ivory and white coats to give it a full "skully appearance".

As you see - It's rough, but it's cool enough for a place on my porch during Halloween!

Glen Richardson chainsaw woodcarver, Woodstock VA

Glenn Richardson, Chainsaw Woodcarver, Woodstock, VA

Check out Glenn's work here, at the VA Artisan Network. Glenn Richardson, Glenn’s Log Art

Now... how to convince my wife that I need a chainsaw...?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Problem Child

Zdepski's Self Portrait: Problem Child

Problem Child

Pencil and grade school photo merger - Self Portrait.

I was listening to a lot of Death Metal this afternoon... this idea jumped into my head. Note the mullet haircut.

No-good Punk with a Clip-on Tie.

Friday, April 5, 2013


City Cow - Country Cow by paul zdepski
City Cow - Country Cow

Illustration Friday word is "URBAN". Do you believe you're far removed from being on someone's dinner plate? You're equally as vulnerable in our society. The fact that many of us are a mere paycheck away from the street, or a missed payment away from loosing our healthcare makes me wonder how we can still be so callous to our neighbors

I drew this at the height of the Occupy Wall Street protests.