Saturday, January 5, 2013

Irish Isle

zdepski's drawing of Brian Coughlan, proprietor of the Irish Isle in Middletown VA

Brian Coughlan, proprietor of the Irish Isle in Middletown VA

My lovely bride and I took in a date-night, so we rolled up the road to the Irish Isle; perhaps my favorite place to eat in the region. The place is warm, friendly, filled with good music and the food is fantastic. I put could eat the broiled lamb chops every day... they're that good.

Brian's an Irish guitarist/singer, but he's not "the Edge" - Brian plays great traditional songs, with plenty of American Folk thrown in the mix. Last night the old Boston MTA "man who never returned" was on the playlist. He had a super fan in the audience in the form of a 1 year-old girl that would clap and yell YEAAAYYYY! as he neared the closing chorus of every song. It was like we were all in the Coughlan living room, enjoying the family company.

Stop by and see for yourself if you're ever west of Washington DC. The town is Middletown, and the pub is the Irish Isle


Alex said...

I really like this man, love the pic and the story.

Happy New Year to you and yours

zillustration said...

Thanks Alex! Hoping you're in a chilly place during this crazy Aussie heatwave! Stay cool, my friend!

Pamela Dunmire said...

Great painting and story, I would love to go their sometime. Thanks for sharing, I really like your blog. Will be back to see you soon.