Thursday, August 16, 2012

Town Council

zdepski's sketch of a local town council meeting

Town Council

I attended my local town council meeting on Tuesday to speak in favor of a proposed "Arts and Tourism" district. Like many small towns, we see much of our old downtown businesses struggling to survive, and new businesses unwilling to risk their lot in a ghost town. The proposed ordinance would aid start-ups with their water bill, and garbage, but not a huge incentive. ANYTHING to encourage an entrepreneur to take a chance on Main Street would be more than they're currently doing.

This sketch was done while listening to discussions about a smoking ban, street revitalization and the new district.

I don't know all of the council members, so I won't mislabel them here. The beards were well represented, from Full to Amish. My new attempt at handlebar mustache and devil beard rounded out the facial hair spectrum.

pencil in my strathmore sketchbook - tinted in photoshop. click to enlarge.

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Alex said...

love this man, no ceases to amaze me how you can capture life so well in these sketches.
You should illustrate Simon Armitage poems, that would be an amazing combo