Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Darren Auck - Scaricatures!

Darren Auck Scaricatures 2

HEY ZOMBIES! My pal, Darren Auck is starting a new venture called "Scaricatures™". It's a great idea, and think you could use some creepiness applied to your next portrait, too! Darren is the guy to do it. He's been an artist for Marvel and DC Comics on such titles as the Avengers, Conan, and my favorite: Ren & Stimpy

Each portrait is hand drawn, 8x10 and color as low as $25 US... that's right, less than a photo portrait from your High School!

Contact Darren at (908) 894-9724 for a short chat and scheduling. He's ready to turn your best girl in to your Best Ghoul!

Darren Auck Scaricatures 2

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