Thursday, June 21, 2012

Drunk Daddy

zdepski's illustration, Drunk Daddy

Drunk Daddy at the mercy of other's schedules and radio stations.

With my daughter at home, and her inability to drive a stick shift, my wife and I have resorted to carpooling to work. I'm a typical male, and hate to ride in the passenger seat. That's mainly due to seeing plenty of alcoholic's being driven around by their wives - they've lost their licenses, or are too drunk to drive.

I started thinking about a character I'm calling "Drunk Daddy" - who has to be driven everywhere, and at the mercy of other's schedules. Here he is... pissed drunk and listening to his wife sing along with "The Captain and Tennille" singing Muskrat Love.

Poor Drunk Daddy... Why won't he sober up and buy some headphones?

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