Friday, May 18, 2012

Roof Patch

Tante Marta on the Roof patching it with Flattened Sardine Cans by Paul Zdepski

They used flattened sardine cans to patch the holes in their roof.

It was quite a sight to watch Marta on the roof, scuttling from one leaky hole to another under the watchful eye of Emma and Lydia on the ground. Marta was a self sufficient person, with a can-do attitude. Since the sisters ate canned sardines and oatmeal every day, they had accumulated barrels, and I mean 55 gallon OIL DRUMS of sardine cans. They use the materials on hand.

The Blue Jay watching the action is a homage to the only bird Marta ever killed. She said the Jay infuriated her as it chased all the other birds from the bird feeder in the winter. After she shot it with her 22cal., remorse set in. The Blue Jay was only behaving the way God had made it. If it's any consolation, my sister remembers seeing birds fly down and sit on Marta's hat and shoulders... so they knew she had the best intentions.

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Julia Kelly said...

My father in law "gerry rigged" an irrigation system for his pasture with pvc piping (cheaper than what you would get at the feed store) and big margerine tub lids- to divert the water. Like i said I can soooooo relate to your series!

Connie said...

Beautiful lines.

Rita said...

Love the illustration, love the story. Well done!

Indigene said...

Excellent story and illustration!!!

Alex said...

Mate, I love this family stuff - those little narratives in every family brought to life.
Will you create an album for your family?

When my uncle was 3 he climbed a ladder to the roof of their two story house and sat at the top... grandad reckons that climb was the moment of highest tension in his life (he survived the war!)

Love your work man

zillustration said...

Thanks so much for the comments, all!
I found, as I reach my mid-life milestone, that many of these familial stories are slipping from my memory. I am blessed with a large and extended family that I used as a data-mine. They provided me with a number of stories to illustrate about my dear old Tantes.

LAConley said...

This is great stuff. Love the family stories and illustrations!