Friday, March 30, 2012


Zdepski's Illustration of Hazel and the dove, Sing Sing page 16
Hazel and the Dove

Spoiler alert: Sing Sing: A One Act Opera final page... Hazel gets a visit from the Dove while locked up. The Dove always returns to her home... and Hazel always welcomes her back.

From my SPACE Prize winning Mini-Comic, Sing Sing: A One Act Opera

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baron von Sputnik - Swamp Dog

zdepski's illustration of his great aunt's dog, Baron von Sputnik
The Tantes had a swamp mongrel they named "Baron von Sputnik", hybridizing their ever present German heritage and the Soviet threat hovering high overhead. The poor mutt was a collarless pup that never saw a bathtub, other than the occasional Spring rain or rolling in a bog. Since my great aunts survived on canned sardines and Quaker Oatmeal, I don't think the dog had a diet of anything else.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tantes Driveway

zdepski's illustration of his Tante Marta and Lydia's driveway.
Two Tantes Lived at the End of a Long Lonely Lane
Tante Marta and Tante Lydia were hermits... or perhaps "Recluse", living on the highest property in the township, at the end of a 3/4 mile long, shaded, dirt driveway. It was a lonely spot for folks that didn't want to be bothered by "the man"... or men for that matter.

Even at the end of the desolate drive, the shades were always down.

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