Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sing Sing - 4 pages

Sing Sing: A One Act Opera, cover
zdepski's 2011 publication, Sing Sing, a one act opera - cover
Sing Sing: A One Act Opera - 4 Sample pages
zdepski's 2011 publication, Sing Sing, a one act opera - 4 sample pages

The SPACE Small Publishers Expo in Columbus Ohio has nominated Sing Sing for the 2011 SPACE Prize in Minicomics / Short Story. Above are 4 sample pages, not in sequence, but the pacing is correct: light/dark/light/dark

If you have pull with the voting body... Throw some love my way. Click the images to see them at twice the size... mmmm... bigger...

These are mini-pubs, short run and hand bound until I can gather enough ducats to make an official print run. You can order one from me via an email request for details, or see if Matt Dembicki is still holding. They're printed on quality paper, so they're a higher standard than the average comic page... currently at the rock-bottom rate of $5.

Small Publisher's Expo

SPX Ignatz awards are in the works. Please give Sing Sing a look if you're planning to vote!


Susanna said...

nice singing!

Chad Grohman said...

Just looked at my copy again this week. Great one!