Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sample Drawing Lesson

This is my first-ever drawing lesson video. I have taking a position with the University of Maryland University College in the Art and Design department. I am scheduled to teach two classes this semester via the internet. I've never taught an online class, so I wanted to figure out how to lecture without creating a huge type-written document, or invest in video equipment and editing software.

My solution was to buy Camtasia for Mac, along with a $25 Logitech USB microphone. I received the software in the mail, along with a RAM upgrade from Crucial to go from 6 Gigabytes to a whopping 14 Gigabytes of Photoshop crunching power for a mere $150. The RAM was a pop-pop-click-click affair. Easy to do, and instantly recognized by my Mac tower.

So, I'm into this class for a shy $200, counting only the software and microphone... ok.

Fire up the software and tell it to use my Cintiq tablet as it's main recording region. Press record, and start talking while I start drawing in Sketchbook Pro. This is it... No script, No Editing other than applying the built-in Fade in and Fade out sequences and the titles.

Real Classes are coming, but since I'm only teaching 100 and 200 level classes this semester, practicing artists may not get much out of them... Intro stuff.


Ken Smith said...

Nice! I just started doing software tutorials this semester with camtasia. My classes aren't online, but for the (many) of those who don't pay attention like they should, it seemed like a good backup.

It was surprisingly easy. And I just used the built-in Macbook microphone.

Sketchbook looks great; I think I'll look into that myself. thanks for posting!

Davin said...

Awesome Paul. Pretty minimal investment too!

LAConley said...

Your video looks and sounds really good! And that's a fine can of tuna. I hope you enjoy developing your online courses. I agree with Ken's comment; I think I want to check out Sketchbook Pro too!