Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Digging Graves

zdepski's illustration of his Tante Marta digging her own grave.
The end times where near. In 1965 they decided they were going to die soon. So Marta dug graves.

Tante Marta and Lydia were devoutly religious. They believed the Bible and listened to many doom and gloom preachers on the radio. They thought the world was going to end in the mid-sixties... They wouldn't need their graves for a decade or two.

It was the Tantes' intention to be self-sufficient and off the grid. They didn't need much help from anyone but their nieces and nephews. For the most part, the succeeded.


Julia Kelly said...

This is going to be a great little series-reminds me of some of my "aunts"

Indigene said...

Creepily wonderful! :)

deer prudence said...

frightening story. And wonderfully drawn!

Creations By Mit said...

Fabulously dark! Great illustration.

Anne Cooper said...

Awesome storyline, I'm excited to see more!