Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Digging Graves

zdepski's illustration of his Tante Marta digging her own grave.
The end times where near. In 1965 they decided they were going to die soon. So Marta dug graves.

Tante Marta and Lydia were devoutly religious. They believed the Bible and listened to many doom and gloom preachers on the radio. They thought the world was going to end in the mid-sixties... They wouldn't need their graves for a decade or two.

It was the Tantes' intention to be self-sufficient and off the grid. They didn't need much help from anyone but their nieces and nephews. For the most part, the succeeded.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Marta on the Roof

Paul Zdepski's illustration of Tante Marta on the Roof
Tante Marta was a doer. She wouldn't shy away from rolling up her sleeves and climbing a ladder to fix the roof. I remember arriving to visit her with my father and being greeted by her calling down from above. She and sister Lydia lived in a ramshackle shed they bought from a Sears catalog. They referred to it as "The Chalet"... very high-brow.

What a gal.

pencil and photoshop.

Friday, February 24, 2012

IF: Capable

Zdepski's Illustration, Rope a Dope

I Learned to Climb Rope with My Toes
Acrylic on Canvas - 24 inches high by 18 inches wide

Enough said...

Self Portrait of me during 1968, the Summer of Love.
Click to enlarge the Muscular Tree-Monkey Toe Grip!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great Aunts - The Tantes

zdepski's character studies of his great aunts, the tantes

My great aunts, Tante Marta, Tante Lydia and Tante Emma. Each was a character, each has a litany of family lore behind them. I'm mining this goldmine for a new series of illustration and comic series in the vein of Corporal Punishment.

Stay tuned.

click to enlarge the picture

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saving Art for the Web - Lesson

My lecture on how to photograph, size, optimize artwork for web display. Let me know what you think. This is my first supplemental video lecture for my Web Design for Creative Professionals class at Montgomery College.

Sing Sing - 4 pages

Sing Sing: A One Act Opera, cover
zdepski's 2011 publication, Sing Sing, a one act opera - cover
Sing Sing: A One Act Opera - 4 Sample pages
zdepski's 2011 publication, Sing Sing, a one act opera - 4 sample pages

The SPACE Small Publishers Expo in Columbus Ohio has nominated Sing Sing for the 2011 SPACE Prize in Minicomics / Short Story. Above are 4 sample pages, not in sequence, but the pacing is correct: light/dark/light/dark

If you have pull with the voting body... Throw some love my way. Click the images to see them at twice the size... mmmm... bigger...

These are mini-pubs, short run and hand bound until I can gather enough ducats to make an official print run. You can order one from me via an email request for details, or see if Matt Dembicki is still holding. They're printed on quality paper, so they're a higher standard than the average comic page... currently at the rock-bottom rate of $5.

Small Publisher's Expo

SPX Ignatz awards are in the works. Please give Sing Sing a look if you're planning to vote!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sample Drawing Lesson

This is my first-ever drawing lesson video. I have taking a position with the University of Maryland University College in the Art and Design department. I am scheduled to teach two classes this semester via the internet. I've never taught an online class, so I wanted to figure out how to lecture without creating a huge type-written document, or invest in video equipment and editing software.

My solution was to buy Camtasia for Mac, along with a $25 Logitech USB microphone. I received the software in the mail, along with a RAM upgrade from Crucial to go from 6 Gigabytes to a whopping 14 Gigabytes of Photoshop crunching power for a mere $150. The RAM was a pop-pop-click-click affair. Easy to do, and instantly recognized by my Mac tower.

So, I'm into this class for a shy $200, counting only the software and microphone... ok.

Fire up the software and tell it to use my Cintiq tablet as it's main recording region. Press record, and start talking while I start drawing in Sketchbook Pro. This is it... No script, No Editing other than applying the built-in Fade in and Fade out sequences and the titles.

Real Classes are coming, but since I'm only teaching 100 and 200 level classes this semester, practicing artists may not get much out of them... Intro stuff.

Friday, February 3, 2012

IF: Suspense

zdepski's illustration of Bene Kanahele

Bene Kanahele, the Hawai'ian farmer made famous by his defense of his island, village and family during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Bene was shot three times in the abdomen and legs by Airman Nishiaichi, who crash landed on the tiny island of Ni'iahu. The local Japanese sympathizer, Harada stands on the right with a stolen shotgun.

I thank my friend and Hawai'ian cultural historian, Leilehua Yeun for finding a bunch of information on the incident. I ask that you click the link to read more of his, and his wife's heroism.

Bene's Story... dripping with suspense!

Entirely digital in Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop.