Saturday, January 21, 2012

IF: Twirl

zdepski's Illustration of Tia character for FEMA 4 Kids website
Tia with Baton and Flashlight
This is one of a group of characters I developed for the new FEMA 4 Kids web section, however the project has been shelved while funding is resolved. I was very excited about this job, but found the wheels of government move very slowly. The folks I've worked with have been great, but the upper echelon is as fickle as congress. It's tough to get approval from multiple committees and stakeholders.

Tia as initially designed with a baton, but since she was to be explaining natural disasters and emergency preparedness, she was outfitted with a flashlight... much more practical in a blackout.

Tia's Twirling will have to wait until the storm passes. Digital illustration via a Wacom Intuos3 tablet in Photoshop.


Patricia Lee Christensen said...

Man! I feel your pain! So hard to work with a committee & everybody thinks they need to tweak it in order to have some ownership... This is very nice, clean and good design. Sounds like an interesting project -- good luck to you! :)

Ellen Byrne said...

Argh! They'd be nuts not to approve it!

Indigene said...

Great idea! :)