Friday, January 13, 2012

IF: Prepare

Uncle Bill letting the kids drive home from Tante Marta's house, by Paul Zdepski
Uncle Bill let me drive home from Tante Marta's. It was 10 miles of Back Roads. '63 Rambler, no seat belts. Uncle Bill sat in the back reading the paper. Dad was Pissed!

Uncle Bill's excuse was that we were prepared because we were driving all day.

True story, however he had been letting us drive the car all day, up and down Tante Marta's long dirt road driveway. I was 11 years old and full of confidence! He was 50 years old and not full of common sense. Different days, different ways of thinking.

That's my cousin Andrew in the shotgun position. We took turns driving all day.


Dad was PISSED!


Julia Kelly said...

Too funny!

Patricia Lee Christensen said...

I agree with your Dad! But a great illustration of that memory!

michele said...

Wheeee! And hee hee! :o)

Anonymous said...

A man's got to have his priorities in line.... NY Times before safety. Besides, what would you be drawing today if not for all those zany family experiences? Consider it all artist fodder.

Alex said...

that's brilliant mate, a great personal moment well illustrated... I love this sort of thing... a full story in a few words and a small pic... fill in the gaps.
Great stuff