Sunday, January 29, 2012

IF: Forward

Angel Band, illustration by Paul Zdepski
The Angel Band

I had a dream last night. There were two top-hatted musicians, twins I think, but they were dressed in white shirts and looking very serious. There were other musicians with them, but I didn't see them as clearly. I drew them this morning in Sketchbook Pro. I couldn't help thinking of the many "societies" and causes at the turn of the 19th and 20th Century. Everyone had a band and a banner. I call this group the Angel Band... Their cause is greater than most; "Justice for all men" = Forward thinking as they witnessed some of the hardest times in the deep south.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

IF: Twirl

zdepski's Illustration of Tia character for FEMA 4 Kids website
Tia with Baton and Flashlight
This is one of a group of characters I developed for the new FEMA 4 Kids web section, however the project has been shelved while funding is resolved. I was very excited about this job, but found the wheels of government move very slowly. The folks I've worked with have been great, but the upper echelon is as fickle as congress. It's tough to get approval from multiple committees and stakeholders.

Tia as initially designed with a baton, but since she was to be explaining natural disasters and emergency preparedness, she was outfitted with a flashlight... much more practical in a blackout.

Tia's Twirling will have to wait until the storm passes. Digital illustration via a Wacom Intuos3 tablet in Photoshop.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SOPA - Boiled Frog Syndrome

zdepski's illustration of a boiled frog

SOPA: Boiled Frog Syndrome
Freedom's are taken one at a time... TSA Body scans, camera monitoring on the streets, indefinite detention of suspects... Like the story of the frog in the pot as the heat was turned up a degree at a time... by the time he realized it was too late: Cooked.

Web censorship is just another degree administered to the pot we're all boiling in.
Freedom isn't Free... It's a Buck 'o' Five

Monday, January 16, 2012

Mozart Gnome

zdepski's illustration of Mozart Gnome
Mozart Gnome
The hard part about keeping the Gnomishness on the Mozart Gnome, was making his wig mimic the Gnome Hat. He looks like a dandy, but plop him down on a mushroom, and he's ready to tickle the ivories among the petunias.

This stems from a twitter conversation with a friend with a tiny piano in their living-room.

Friday, January 13, 2012

IF: Prepare

Uncle Bill letting the kids drive home from Tante Marta's house, by Paul Zdepski
Uncle Bill let me drive home from Tante Marta's. It was 10 miles of Back Roads. '63 Rambler, no seat belts. Uncle Bill sat in the back reading the paper. Dad was Pissed!

Uncle Bill's excuse was that we were prepared because we were driving all day.

True story, however he had been letting us drive the car all day, up and down Tante Marta's long dirt road driveway. I was 11 years old and full of confidence! He was 50 years old and not full of common sense. Different days, different ways of thinking.

That's my cousin Andrew in the shotgun position. We took turns driving all day.


Dad was PISSED!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

roving eye

Baba Yaga's Eye searching for Burliuk the Cossack by Paul Zdepski
Baba Yaga, the Witch of the deep Russian woods as sent her eyeball on a mission. She's looking for our hero, Burliuk the Cossack. When her bat minion finds him, he's to follow, but not be discovered. Notice the multiple eyes on the bat... I'm always creeped out by Spider eyes, and having a huge number of eyes on a bat flies in the face of "blind as a bat"...

"flies in the face of..." funny.

The drawing is done digitally in SketchBook Pro by Autodesk, then ported into Photoshop for color and merger with an early morning photo as a background I took a few years back.

I'm pushing Burliuk's story forward, even without a concrete plan for publication. I'm very pleased with the images that have developed along the theme.

Click the Picture to enlarge to 1K pixels wide.

Friday, January 6, 2012

IF: Grounded

Ground Squirrel - Illustration by Paul Zdepski
A Well Grounded Squirrel
This is a continuation of the Children's Story I'm developing about a certain squirrel and his issues. Here he is, a well grounded squirrel, thousands of feet in the air, but never more than three feet from the earth.

Drawing is Graphite, then cleaned up in Photoshop via Wacom Cintiq. I'm sure it could use some detail in the cliff-face, but I'm rough coloring the drawing for Illustration Friday's entry. I hope you like it.

Click to enlarge it.