Saturday, September 3, 2011

IF: Mysterious

zdepski's drawing of David Suchet as Poirot
I've been drawing Agatha Christies' Inspector Hercule Poirot from the BBC series with actor David Suchet. My son digs the rough Inspector from Scotland Yard that helps solve the cases. I've been sketching from the screen, whilst the show is running, so they're not very accurate. The darker drawings in the Poirot group is from our Whiteboard, where Poirot and his dog notice that "zah dog's dish, she is empty!" Below is a simple spooky image I call 'Slasher", inspired by watching the BBC mysteries. Sketching while watching TV makes me feel like I'm actually being productive, when I'm not.... mysterious how we try to fool ourselves.
zdepski's sketches of Poirot from TV
zdepski's illustration of the Slasher


LAConley said...

Mysterious how convincing we can be to ourselves; I think drawing from the TV is indeed productive! Great sketches and paintings. Your use of negative space in "Slasher" is brilliant.

Indigene said...

I adore Poiret and your character sketches. TV sketches are never as developed as yours! :) I hope you had a fun-filled holiday.