Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trash Cart

Family Photos: 1890, 1939 and 1969
zdepski's white trash relatives
Photo of my grandmother, Hazel in a cart with her sisters being pulled by some sad black kid from the neighborhood - The poor kid looks like he was crying, too. My White Trash great-grand parents are in the background with their hands on their hips, like a couple of Cracker-Misers... Well, that's New Jersey.
Frenchtown New Jersey Band, 1939
Mr. Hitler taught the Frenchtown Marching Band how to Goose-Step in bobby-socks. Mom has her saxophone and uncle Bill is in the back with his trumpet. Imagine the cacophony coming from that house on Saturday afternoons while they practiced!
zdepski holding a submachinegun on his brother James, 1969
My older brothers were into photography. They had a dark-room in the basement. We younger brothers were posed like action figures to get the perfect shot. James is taking a bullet, while I aim down the barrel... "Hey, Einstein! No need to aim when you're that close!"


LAConley said...

Great post!! The pictures are priceless. The one from 1890 is so strange! I don't think your grandma was having fun; She looks like she's afraid she's going to fall off!

Katarzyna Zalewska said...

Big part of family history is in this three awasome photos only. Life is strange... Is good to awaken memories sometimes.