Saturday, March 26, 2011

IF: Toy

zdepski's illustration of Popper - creepy dogbaby
Creepy dobBaby with one of those awful faces from children's books of the 1950s.
zdepski's illustration of Popper - creepy dogbaby close-up
I used to do dogBabies with realistic faces... it's pretty disturbing.
zdepski's illustration of Mia as she Masterfully Mows

I used the Popper toy again in a future illustration for Mia as she Masterfully Mows.

Popper is Oil on canvas
Mia is digital in Cintiq


LAConley said...

Great idea; I had totally forgotten about that toy, even though my kids had one (quite a few years ago)! The colors and little details are amazing. And I like the weirdness of the dogbaby!

Indigene said...

I have that little toy in storage! Lol! I loved watching my 32 year old and 16 year old play with it when they were little! :) They had the same determination as that baby! Lol!

Katarzyna Zalewska said...

You have great imaginations

michele said...

Disturbing? Only in the best way! Great and original! :o)

Sandy Sue said...

Wow! Love the whimsy and the dark

Chad Grohman said...

Both of these are great. I always like creepy.

Jack Foster said...

Nice one Paul! Love the popper! Those “ugly” faces from the 5os children’s books were one of the reasons I got into children’s book illustrating. Give the kids something a little better to look at as they read. You nailed the grotesque face perfectly! Nice one..... Oh and I love your character.... great angle and style!

Ana said...

I like the cute and creepy combination :D

Arion said...

Almost ominous but absolutely interesting. I really love it.

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