Friday, February 11, 2011

Sing Sing Sing - Cover

paul zdepski's cover illustration for the booklet Sing Sing
Here's the cover of the booklet - I shortened the title from Three Sings down to Two. Sensei José Cruz thought I should play upon the famous prison name, as well as the song that runs throughout the piece. I had originally titled it this way, but thought the prison connotation would cause confusion about the institution. I will go with his advise, as well as pushing institutional Green throughout the piece. I had sent a few choice folks the preliminary BLUE version, which was mono-chrome steel blue and black. The addition of the greens added a huge amount of complexity and depth to some of these pages. I also boosted the heck out of the contrast, hiding the fact that I draw with a number 2 Ticonderoga pencil... very gray.

As suggested by my pal Matt Dembicki, I will be pursuing a real publication of this. Not a huge run, but enough to get it dispersed among the masses. I haven't figured on the strike price, but that's TBD.

Thanks to Mike Rhode at ComicsDC for catching a consistency item - I couldn't make a big change with the drawing, so I rephrased the nurse's action to be less of a permanent item, and more of a one-time act.

I've been very honored by you all encouraging this process. I originally thought this would end up in my flat file, never to see light. The piece ended up being downloaded 500 times in three days from my initial arts group emailing for advise. I thank you for taking the time to be my critics and audience.

here is a link to the "green" web version or my original "black and blue" web version. Let me know which scheme you prefer. I will be removing them once I go to print, so get it while you can.

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heike said...

I have just looked at both versions - the blue and the green one and I prefer the green and final one, because this institutional color contributes to the inhumanity of the whole story and gives more focus.

I also think that the connotation to prison that your new title suggests is very appropriate.

What struck me completely were the broken eyes of Hazel in the last drawing: they are almost stifling.

And all this treatment because she only sang...