Saturday, February 12, 2011

IF: Sweater

sketch of Noelle Zdepski knitting
In honor of my lovely bride and her years of knitting sweaters for friends, family and commissions. She has her own blog - Atomic Knits. She's been teaching classes through the local Knit Shop in town. I'm a beneficiary of her talents, and can tell you, they're plenty warm.

I encourage you to follow her blog - She's doing some wonderful work and would like to know more folks doing handcrafts.

This montage is of various people wearing sweaters, and her in the middle: knitting the next one. All very quick drawings in my sketchbook, merged into a single photoshop montage.


Indigene said...

Your line work is expressive! I really like it. I wish I could knit, but unfortunately, I cannot sew a button on, never mind working with two needles! Lol! My mother tried for years, she just let me draw! :)

Alice Andreini said...

Beautiful fresh drawings. Who is the tot in the foreground?

xtian said...

you could swear you made a portrait of my girlfriend.

how do you stand the noise ?! :)