Monday, December 27, 2010

Van Toad Auction

THE WINNERS! - Adam and Barbara pose with Vincent Van Toad. Barb is a wonderful, bubbly artist and teacher with a huge heart for little Adam. Both met on Superbowl Sunday afternoon, after nap time. The Heatwole home was warm and full of action... some kids playing, some kids cleaning up where the others mussed it up. Overall, a beautiful illustration of a loving family. Thanks for letting me peek in.

Vincent Van Toad illustration by Paul Zdepski - Auction to Benefit Adam Heatwole fund

Vincent Van Toad, Paul Zdepski, 2007
acrylic on canvas, handsomely framed
2nd Place - Book Category, at the 14th Juried Exhibition of the Illustrators Club of Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia, May-June 2008.
Cover of the MainARTery, Oct/Nov 2007

Additional Swag:
A signed copy of IC 14 Catalog featuring Van Toad
A copy of the MainARTery, Oct/Nov 2007 featuring Van Toad


Thank you to Barbara S. for her winning bid, and new ownership of Vincent Van Toad!

Auction Closed February 1, 2011

Folks, there's a little boy I know of that's having a tough go of things in Georgetown University Hospital, in Washington DC. His name is Adam, and on top of his liver transplant a few years ago, he just had a bout of sickness that killed the majority of his intestine. He's still in the ICU, and his parents have spent the holiday season shuttling between their home 100 miles away and downtown DC.

Adam is a little trooper, and is looking at a bunch of recovery time and getting used to a new scar from his sternum to his pelvis.

Adam's dad, David gave me an opportunity to illustrate a cover of an arts magazine he started, The MainArtery in 2007. He didn't know me, I didn't know him, but we hit it off. In 2008, We did a dual show together at the Blue Elephant Art Center in Frederick Maryland called Harmonic Dissonance. I got to see David's full body of work and witness his love of art, community, family and faith.

I knew David and his bride had a large family, foster and adopted kids, and being at the opening was quite an event for them. I've only got two. I can't imagine the effort needed to keep their tribe going.

I needed to do something. I'm not in a great position to help - recent graduate, two cars dying in one calendar year, daughter starting college in 2011... It goes on...
I did what I could by offering a piece that has significance to David and my relationship, Vincent Van Toad.

The starting bid was $200, which barely covered the framing. It was an original with a pedigree. Click the image to see the piece up close... Inspect the goods.

Even with the bidding past, there is a 501(c)3 set up to receive your donations. I am planning to print Van Toad "Thank you" prints on archival paper. David is getting me the details.

David Heatwole
304 Bowers St.
Martinsburg, WV 25401


Jean M Fennell said... are a good guy...most people feel helpless in how to act/what to do in a real way to help the family...what a great idea..i will be happy to donate 100 to the cause, but let me know who to write the check to ...i love you more than you know...xoxo your sis, jeannie

Anthony Accardo said...

$300, I'd love an original Zdepeski and an opportunity to help a child.
You're a really kind man, Paul.

davidheatwole said...

Hello Zdepski friends and fans. I want to say thank you here to Paul for his generosity. Paul asked me to put my name and address here for those that might want to make a donation. David Heatwole 304 Bowers St., Martinsburg, WV 25401 said...

Paul, What a great idea. As an occasional blog visitor I just wanted to wish you and David a happy and healthy 2011!
I am planning on selling something thru my website in February and you are inspiring me to donate a portion of the proceeds to those in need.
Keep up the blogsite - I love it!

Matt D. said...

Wonderful idea. I hope folks pitch in anyway they can.

davidheatwole said...

Hello again Zdepski Friends, family and fans. I wanted to also say that I will happily send the winner one of the last copies of The Main ARTery that this piece was created for and that was so good I had to put on the cover. That particular issue was the favorite one of my career thus far as a publisher all because of Paul's great work being put on the cover. The future owner of the piece should also own the original publishing that features the short story by Lisa Linn Arroniz that Paul created the illustration to go with. Check out the cover and read the story at the following address: