Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Professor Becker's Pants

Professor Becker's Rhinoceros Pants

Professor Becker's Rhinocerotidae Triubhas (Rhinoceros Pants)

I've finished my piece for Sandra Dieckmann's Creature Curiosity project, and I thought it would go well with the Illustration Friday word, "Prehistoric" as the Rhino Pants are modeled upon an ancient looking animal. I encourage all you illustrators to review Sandra's proposal and consider doing an animal half, too.

The Creature Curiosity Project is a non-profit collaborative venture bringing illustrators and children together with an aim to spread creativity and self-expression. Giving the illustrators the chance to inspire and educate a younger generation with their work and exposure to fellow creatives, teachers, parents, arts organizations, charities and whoever else falls in love with the fantastical hybrid creatures.

So, here's the skinny on the inspiration: I like Rhinos. I like my professor, Murray Tinkelman's hybrid creatures... I like my friend BJ Becker's character and lifestyle. Merge them together with a few early steam engine pistons, and you get "Professor Becker's Rhinocerotidae Triubhas (Rhinoceros Pants)"

100% Cintiq in Adobe Photoshop. Click to enlarge the clanking...


Anonymous said...

Love this!
Great interpretation!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic stuff! Great heavy rhino feeling :)

Thanks for yr comment - i quickly put the animatic together with imovie but i'm animating it all in flash - drawn with the cintiq - then the post production will be after effects.

Coreopsis said...

That sounds like an interesting project. I'll check it out. I really like your fun illustration!

heike said...

That's really a great idea for the topic.
And thank you for your link to the Creature Curiosity Project. It seems such an interesting project to join.