Saturday, December 25, 2010

IF: Winter

Zdepski's watercolor and digital illustration of Skate Pups in Manhattan
Skate Pups in Manhattan, a slight return.

This was originally a watercolor from 2008 that had stalled out. I revisited it with some help from my Cintiq. It pops a bit more, since I took control of many of the details that were being over run by the wet on wet issues with the watercolor.

I loved this scene while in NYC - a skating rink surrounded by high-rise buildings... mere blocks from Time Square. I may still be working on this piece this weekend, so don't think that you're looking at the final version... things can change.

Happy Holidays, all!

Winsor & Newton Watercolor on Fabriano, Digitally altered with Cintiq in Photoshop.
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Katarzyna Zalewska said...


Rabbit Town Animator said...

Always wanted to visit New York ( I was there when I was a kid but can;t remember much) would love to try skating over there. Great illustration by the way :)

lostinarc said...

I liked the effects and the big size of the nyc... beautifully done...:)keep going friend