Wednesday, November 3, 2010


1954 ad from American Builder - Garage Doors
I found an old AMERICAN BUILDER magazine from October 1954 that my dad had in the attic. It's been kicking around the studio bookshelves for years. I cracked it open last night and found a pile of gems. The design ideas, advertisements and homes are really worth studying.

The garage door ad jumped out at me, firstly due to the garish designs, but secondly as a classic showcase of a full sample offering from a company displayed on one page. I remember the little magician on the lock mechanism of the garage door of our house, which was built in 1958.

1954 ad from American Builder - Bird Shingles

Our house had Aluminum Windows like the ones in this yellow and gray-tone illustration, too!

1954 ad from American Builder - Aluminum Windows

"Jackstraw!" - I love this interior shot! Look at that flooring texture with matching curtains! I'm going to make an Illustrator pattern from it... The color pallets in these ads are fantastic. Swatch time!

1954 ad from American Builder - Jackstraw Flooring

The masthead was cropped and placed on an image of the featured home, which came with blueprints in the issue. I want to have that house! It's a mix between Frank Lloyd Wright and George Jetson.

1954 ad from American Builder - Featured Home


Chad Grohman said...

I love that linoleum flooring. Its how I always saw my future house having when I was a kid. Such a sign of a quality kitchen! Ill also put in for one of those awesome garage doors.

michele said...

It's always a treat to see these old magazine ads and their amazing illustrations. Such solid techniques!