Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pug and Chihuahua

Zdepski's sketches of a Pug and Chihuahua
two drawings to seal the deal on my April 1st to October 7th sketchbook. My son brought home a new book of dog breeds. He's obsessed with animals, so there is plenty of photographic reference laying around the house at all times. This particular book has a few freaky closeups of some butt-ugly dogs. The bulging eyes of the Pug and Chihuahua made for a good pairing.

Pencil in my Canson sketchbook.
Click to enlarge the slobbering...


michele said...

Awww, they do make interesting subject matter for your sketches with their exaggerated features! Yeah, I'll even say "cute!" :o)

Ana said...

they look amazing, love the eyes.

Kim said...

Hi Paul,

I love this pic - is it ok if I put this on my blog?