Friday, September 17, 2010

IF: Acrobat

Zdepski's take on CYRK poster with an acrobatic family
This is my homage to the Polish School of Posters with artists like the great Tomaszewski among others, and the posters of CYRK (circus)

Here's another great blog post on the posters of CYRK

My take on the acrobat.

pencil drawing to digital. Cintiq in Photoshop.

Clickity-click to enlarge the pic!

Friday, September 10, 2010

IF: Proverb

The Fiddler on Burliuk's roof by moonlight
"Like a Fiddler on the Roof..."
from Jewish/Ukrainian writer, Sholem Aleichem - b. 1859-1916, writing about the little town of Boyarka, south of Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine. His tales of Tevya the Milkman would go on to become the Broadway Play and Movie by the same name. Sholem was petrified of the number 13, and wouldn't even mark the pages of his manuscript with the number. He died on the 13th of May, 1916... His gravestone says May 12a, 1916.

My fiddler is an Illustration Friday adjustment on my evil Sorcerer on the roof of Burliuk the Cossack's house. The story is going far afield to turn him into a fiddler, but that was the nearest Proverb I could think of, while doing this current series.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer on Burliuk's roof by moonlight

"Up on the Cossack's roof - a "Bump-Bump-Bump" as the Sorcerer alighted upon the shingles, Mongol dagger in hand, a giant's legbone as a cane. Burliuk awoke with a chill and stoked the fire in the hearth..."

The Sorcerer on Burliuk's roof by moonlight

I made some changes to the character - I used Lenin and Stalin as my face models. I thought the skeletal face in the one below was too scary. My wife also said to soften the angles of the body. I added a puffy Ruskie shirt, with a bit of a potbelly overhanging the tunic. I think it works better.

I'm getting into the story - Every hero needs an anti-hero... the greater the hero, the more wicked the villain. A very good image for Halloween... no?

pencil to digital via Cintiq with SketchbookPro and Adobe Photoshop.
Click to enlarge the creepy crawly.

Friday, September 3, 2010

IF: Dessert

Zdepski's Christmas Card - Gnome Made Jello
mmmm... Gnome-made Jello. This year's Christmas Card.

Gilby got a bit too close to the edge when he was mixing the batch of Strawberry Jello for the Christmas Dessert. I was wondering where he went!

"Hey... this part's chewy... ewww..."

Watercolor and Digital Illustration - Photoshop