Friday, August 6, 2010

IF: Caged

Paul Zdepski's Illustration, Tiger Tamer

Mademoiselle Ruby - Tiger Tamer

Tiger Tamer is the 6th in my circus poster series. I'm trying to garner a period feeling... 1920s through 1940s.

I'm using a very, very limited pallet, so every one of this series is related to the other. I have to revamp my website, but soon this will be up as a group.

I'm pleased the word of the week jibes with the direction I'm already headed.

--- Yeah, I know, my hand lettering sucks... I can revise that later. I just had to rush it to print for IF.

Sketchbook to Digital - Cintiq in Photoshop
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Ana said...

Cool. Love the vintage feeling of the picture.

Lisa Graves said...

this is wonderful and mesmerizing...

Isabelle said...

Hooo I just LOVE your illo! My studio is full of old circus poster, I just love the way they used colors (limited palet, indeed) and the style of that era. Your illo does capture the essence of that era! Great job!

Chad Grohman said...

I love the writing on the animal. I think the hand lettered type is great as it is.


what a great piece. Love the typography and the vintage feel. Great interpretation ♥