Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comico Stuff

Various pins from Paul Zdepski's Army Jacket
Gerry Giovinco, Bill "Cooch" Cucinotta, Matt Wagner, Mike Leeke, Joe Williams and others made up the crazy-cool group that were part of Comico Comics in the 1980s ( NOW over at online ). I was asked to post a few items online, like my neato Comico pin from my German infantry jacket. I was digging and digging and what turns up, but an invitation to the Comico Christmas Party, from 1986... The last issue of Matt Wagner's Mage epic... and it was addressed to the rat infested hell-hole of 1312 Rodman St. My old digs.
Comico Christmas Card, 1986
The Comico Pin was among my other treasures, like "SKINZ", and "Our Gal Sal" Sally Star of WPVI TV... She ran all the old Popeye cartoons that were so lame... those ones from the 50s and 60s. She, however, was adorable. "George Bush, Number 1 Peckerhead" - back when he was a V.P. to Ronny Reagan. Xmal Deutchland pin... some Ruskie stuff... ah, the 80s.
Comico pin from Paul Zdepski's Army Jacket
If I dig up more, I'll post it.
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