Saturday, August 28, 2010

Burliuk's Mother

The Cossack Burliuk's Mother, Evdokia beating a Turk_closeup.
To continue the stories of the heroic Cossack Burliuk, we have to know a bit about his family life. All life springs from our mothers, and Burliuk was sprung from some tough stock. Evdokia would drop you to the ground for the slightest infraction of Cossack etiquette.

The picture you see is the time a Turkman warrior insulted Burliuk's horse, Mazepa. He quickly apologized to the horse and the entire village for raising so much dust while being beaten.
The Cossack Burliuk's Mother, Evdokia beating a Turk.

Burliuk's Mom and Dopf are done in my drawing program, SketchbookPro with my Cintiq. I color and texturized the drawing in Adobe Photoshop.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Burliuk and the Giant

Zdepski's Illustration of Burliuk and the Giant
I have always loved the name "Burliuk", which was the last name of two Ukrainian artists, brothers from the Odessa / Black Sea region in the early 20th C. Brother David and Vladmir were big, burly guys, perhaps less well known than their contemporary Russian painters like Malevich, Goncharova and El Lissitzky. But they were crucial in the development of the style called the "Primativist Movement", drawing on folk tales and folk art.

David did a piece in 1907 called "My Cossack Ancestor", which struck a chord with me. My roots aren't from the eastern Ukraine, where the Cossacks lived, but I love the stories of Nikolai Gogol and the larger than life visions of their heroic deeds. that story brings me to this story...

Zdepski's Illustration of Burliuk and the Giant - close-up

My Twitter pal, Sandra Dieckmann (@sandradieckmann) has a project called "Haus Stories" that consists of individual artists placing a single story on her "Haus", and we watch it grow, story by story. I got the specifications, which are easy to understand, but the format is long and low, like a room interior.

I started by wondering how large of a person could i cram into that tiny space. The drawing turned into a Giant, warming himself over a candle. That looked ok, but not that dynamic. I was going to toss a mouse, or cat in for contrast... boring.

Then I looked at the rustic walls I had drawn, and chose to draw a laughing Cossack..."Burliuk, the Brave". I formulated a story that he captured a giant on one of his adventures and chose to bring him home. Being a Ukrainian, he had to offer his house guest something to eat. The giant is given a Hay Fork to eat with and a loaf of bread and a bottle of wine. The giant is awed by Burliuk's generosity.

SO... that's the story. Burliuk could develop into something down the road. Wait and see!

HEY! How the heck did he ever get into that tiny room? Immovable...

The Cossack Burliuk's Mother, Evdokia beating a Turk.

UPDATE: Here's Burliuk's Mom and Horse beating up an insulting Turkman. More about Mom Here...

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Friday, August 20, 2010

IF: Atmosphere

zdepski's iphone painting out the airplane window

From March, a painting at 35K feet - the brushes app for the iphone - looking out the window at Texas, west of Dallas. The Atmosphere is 7 miles thick and making some crazy layers. I bought this app for 5 bucks... it's pretty fun.

Click the player to watch me paint it...
finger and the iphone - brushes application

I can't top this! A photo from last week's storm. Dramatic sky and thick hazy Virginia air all around.

zdepski's iphone painting out the airplane window

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Comico Stuff

Various pins from Paul Zdepski's Army Jacket
Gerry Giovinco, Bill "Cooch" Cucinotta, Matt Wagner, Mike Leeke, Joe Williams and others made up the crazy-cool group that were part of Comico Comics in the 1980s ( NOW over at online ). I was asked to post a few items online, like my neato Comico pin from my German infantry jacket. I was digging and digging and what turns up, but an invitation to the Comico Christmas Party, from 1986... The last issue of Matt Wagner's Mage epic... and it was addressed to the rat infested hell-hole of 1312 Rodman St. My old digs.
Comico Christmas Card, 1986
The Comico Pin was among my other treasures, like "SKINZ", and "Our Gal Sal" Sally Star of WPVI TV... She ran all the old Popeye cartoons that were so lame... those ones from the 50s and 60s. She, however, was adorable. "George Bush, Number 1 Peckerhead" - back when he was a V.P. to Ronny Reagan. Xmal Deutchland pin... some Ruskie stuff... ah, the 80s.
Comico pin from Paul Zdepski's Army Jacket
If I dig up more, I'll post it.
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Matt Marello - Philly Posters

Matt Marello Ripley Poster 1
Matt Marello may not know this, but he was an icon to me during my time in at the Philadelphia College of Art (1981-1984). His hand-bill posters were everywhere. He drew imagery that seemed miles away from the bands they were supposed to be advertising. I found these three beauties in my file, and thought I would share them.

Matt has a blog where you can see a ton of his work... Including the "Pleasure and the Beast" poster shown here.

Matt Marello Ripley Poster 2

Matt... The piece that hooked me on your work was "Beth's Tongue Is 6 Inches Long"... which I don't own.

Matt Marello Ripley Poster 3

Great stuff from the early 80s.

Friday, August 13, 2010

IF: Star Gazer

Zdepski's illustration of Henry and the Moon
Henry Howling to the Moon is my Star Gazer of the week. He's got that low mournful sound that makes the night seem lonely, even if you're with someone. The moon's heard this song before.

digital: Cintiq in Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swivil Man: The Cartoon That Never Was

Zdepski's Swivil Man pages
Set the Scene:
It's the early 80s - My school buddies are successful cartoonist, inkers and colorists... I've dropped out of art school, own a skateboard for my transportation, and work as a carpenter. I'm living in Philadelphia, and trying my damnedest to break into a scene... any scene.

Zdepski's original Swivil Man drawing

Enter, Swivil Man. I owe much to the humor of Tobias Grosz, my old housemate, close friend and sounding board. We often drew screwy little characters, showing them to each other and laughing way to hard. Swivil Man seems to be a variation on Toby's "Mr. Big", who was a broad three-piece suited figure with no neck and sunglasses. I riffed a version of this character at a party, dancing and spinning (published in 83/84 in the Signal, the Trenton State College newspaper, during my year at TSC).

Zdepski's Swivil Man pages

Swivil Man took off in a different direction than Mr. Big, becoming a force of his own. Testosterone overload... similar to me at the time. Lots of attitude, pissed at everything.

I began an epic adventure of "Swivil Man vs. the Terrorists" (1985... prophetic) - but floundered... just nails, screws, concrete and bricks - day in, day out.

I was looking through my archive and came across these pages and sketches. Some are merged bits on one sheet for display, so don't expect a storyline.

I give you, Swivil Man...
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Zdepski's Swivil Man pages
Zdepski's Swivil Man pages
Zdepski's Swivil Man pages
Zdepski's Swivil Man pages
Zdepski's Swivil Man pages
Zdepski's Swivil Man pages

Friday, August 6, 2010

IF: Caged

Paul Zdepski's Illustration, Tiger Tamer

Mademoiselle Ruby - Tiger Tamer

Tiger Tamer is the 6th in my circus poster series. I'm trying to garner a period feeling... 1920s through 1940s.

I'm using a very, very limited pallet, so every one of this series is related to the other. I have to revamp my website, but soon this will be up as a group.

I'm pleased the word of the week jibes with the direction I'm already headed.

--- Yeah, I know, my hand lettering sucks... I can revise that later. I just had to rush it to print for IF.

Sketchbook to Digital - Cintiq in Photoshop
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