Friday, July 9, 2010

IF: Diary

zdepski's various sketchbooks
Here is the closest I come to a diary... my sketchbooks. I have kept them since 1975. The only reason I remember is the image I did of my Dad, with the date clearly on the newspaper.
zdepski's portrait of his father in 1975

I go through two or three per year, dating them on the cover and spine when finished. They become a priceless image and idea mine. Likewise, this blog has filled a Diary roll over the last two years. I don't get too personal, but I do journal my ideas here.
zdepski's various sketchbooks
now I seem to draw on anything... then scan them into the computer.

Copping out? Maybe. I need to pack for school...


JNESS said...

I feel you! Excellent post, priceless archive!

davin said...

an archive older than ME...