Saturday, July 31, 2010

IF: Artificial

Artificial Turf : Rams Scrimmage

zdepski's sketch of a biddy football watercolor of the Strasburg Rams

Little Rams football team... I was a Riegle Ridge Ram for one season, in 1975... My daughter and son are Rams, but for a different town, in a different state. strange.

Watercolor on Fabriano


Loni Edwards said...

Wow! I have to agree, that is strange! :)

Cute take on the prompt! I love the bottom ones with their tongues hanging out!Good job with the expression on the big referee one.

Missy said...

I like the one jumping mid air, nice movement.

michele said...

It's so nice to carry on traditions! But kids playing on artificial surfaces don't get grass stains! They're missing half the fun! ;o)