Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gallery Wall

Zdepski's thesis hanging at the Joeseloff Gallery in Hartford CT
Glad to have the thesis up and in the hands of the powers that be in Hartford... on of those powers being Power Boothe, Dean of the Hartford Art School. I was a bit concerned the pieces wouldn't fit within my allotment of fourteen and a half feet at the Joeseloff Gallery on the campus of UH. I had to double stack two sets of spreads, and squeeze the 3-D piece into the middle. At the end of the day, I think it may be crowded, but it looks fine. The best it gets.
Zdepski's thesis hanging at the Joeseloff Gallery in Hartford CT
My thesis has been well received by the faculty. Chris Spollen was on my review board, and can be seen holding a copy of my thesis during a critique with Danny Pelavin. These two instructors are a great mix of ideas, banter and energy. I feel a lot of good ideas flowing within the studio time we're having together.

I'm getting to know many of the 1st year folks, which is a challenge with the intense scheduling. I made an effort to wander into the common dining room at the hotel last night to see a few of the 2nd year folks cranking out their homework. I was able to work on mine also, but started talking and will have a bunch of catch-up to do today in the computer lab.

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