Thursday, July 1, 2010

Emma Figurine

"E is for Emma Eating Beneath Eaves"
IF: Giant
Zdepski's dogBaby figurine - Emma Full
Zdepski's dogBaby Emma illustration

Here's the final version of Emma - Done in Super Sculpey - painted with acrylic. I added clear sparkle paint to give it an opalescent glow. Obviously "Giant" compared with the original illustration, but the display stand isn't supposed to be in scale. It's there to show the figure.

Now to drop a Keyhole cutter in my router on the back, so it hangs flat on the wall.

It passed my "teenage girl" test - My daughter likes it. The "Grade school boy" test was a thumbs up, too.

...mmmm... Jelly Sandwich.

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Zdepski's Dogbaby figurine -- Emma, first angle
Zdepski's Dogbaby figurine -- Emma, second angle


Anonymous said...

Very cool. It was great to meet you in person! Best of luck over the next week or two - YOUR WORK IS FANTASTIC.
Tracy Marlatt

ivenotime said...

turned out great! mmmmm, jelly sandwich indeed!

steve said...

Haha! Wicked sculpture. Been ages since I've worked in sculpey. Fantastic work here!

Tigz said...

you made that in sculpey? thats nuts!! lol well done :D

Micaela said...

even if it's pink and cute, he is SCARY!!!! :0

Anonymous said...

great transformation from illustration to sculpture!