Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Book BInding

Zdepski's Master of Fine Arts in Illustration Thesis bound copies
The long road to a bound thesis is done. I called my friend Jill Deiss at Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding in Winchester VA to do the job.

She cheerfully said, "Bring it on!"

Zdepski's photo of Jill Diess, Book Binder

Jill and her crew are multi-talented and true book-arts professionals. They specialize in restoration of old and cherished books, which David Labrozzi and I witnessed first-hand as she showed a beautiful restoration of one of the "Red Rose Girls", Jessie Wilcox Smith's "A Child's Book of Old Verses". Jill was able to lift the original inset plate from the old cover and place it on the new binding. I haven't mentioned the number of pages Jill had to strengthen with new paper, healing old wounds.

Zdepski's photo of Jill Diess and Jessie Wilcox Smith restoration

Many thanks to Jill - I received five hardbound volumes, two with slip cases, to bring with me to Hartford. I had to roll off to Staples for some standard ring binding versions, which are the "working" editions given to the review board. These beautifully bound yellow cloth versions are the archival requirement meant to go into the University of Hartford library and archive. The two versions with slip-cases are returning with me to Virginia after I have the board sign them.

Check out Jill's site: Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding. I'm sure she'd love to hear about your next project, too.


davin said...

wow, a published work...

Chad Grohman said...

Looks great, Im looking forward to reading it.