Saturday, June 12, 2010

IF: Ripple

zdepski's Feejee Mermaid digital illustration
One of the many creature beneath the sea causing ripples on the surface, as told by P.T. Barnam.

The Feejee (Fiji) Mermaid was created by merging a Monkey and Fish together via taxidermy, however... one was hooked off the coast of the darkest jungles of Borneo in 1905, and for the mere parting of a measly Fifteen Cents, you can behold the Eighth Wonder of the World!

The Fiji Mermaid!

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Poster partner to Oswald, the Snake Juggling Clown.

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Digital - Cintiq with SketchbookPro and Photoshop

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Anonymous said...

This is awesomely stylized! The textures and line work make it just perfect.

Chad Grohman said...

Freaky mermaids are better than beautiful mermaids... nice

Sam said...

love the fiji mermaid action- great americana

Sally Taylor said...

This is fantastic. I love the textures and the muted color palette. Kudos for participating in the project!

Anonymous said...

She is wonderful!


whoa freaky but love it! love te colors, the texture the idea ♥

The Boy Who Tamed a Bullet said...

nice one...keep it up