Monday, April 19, 2010

spread 10

zdepski's linework for Xander's X-ray
zdepski's linework for Spread 10

Vince's Vile Vaccination
Wendy's Warts Wasting away
Xander's Exciting X-Ray

line work for Spread 10 of the dogBabies ABC. This is the first "adult" in the book... Dr. Wuf at the the Vet's Office, waving good-bye to Wendy.

Close-up of Xander's X-ray and the Super-special Dog Bones Chart for all of my Medical Illustration Pals... Marie and Michael, don't cringe.

Vince is in awe of the wire game we all see in every doctor's office... This one is made up of 5 various type treatments of the letter "V".

This will go into color stage this week/weekend.

Cintiq - Sketbook Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator

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