Sunday, April 25, 2010

spread 10 color

zdepski's veterinary office interior from dogBabies backyard ABC
here is the vet office interior in color
i chose a real 1970s pallet, but that's to keep my color picking eyeballs in check. i tend to get crazy if i pick by feel. if i choose 5-7 colors to begin with, and stick to them, the final piece has much more harmony.

to re-cap - Vince is waiting for a Vaccination. Wendy's wart is wasting away. Xander is experiencing an exciting X-ray.

out the window on the right is the background to Yvette's Yak - the southwest hills; pink and lavender.

Digital illustration with a Cintiq Tablet in Sketchbook Pro Illustrator and Photoshop - Click the image to enlarge to 1K pixels wide

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Chad Grohman said...

Great pallet. Your really going, cant wait to see the show.