Friday, April 9, 2010

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zdepski's digital illustration, down the shore - corporal punishment series
Forever LINKED in my mind... KFC, Sand and Sickness

Long rides to the shore, after sitting in a church pew in northern New Jersey.

Title: Some Sundays Down-the-Shore : Corporal Punishment Series

We boiled in our sweat
since Dad didn't want exhaust fumes
coming in from the back window...

The Dodge wagon was a KILLER
on long rides.

[Dirty Hippy Hitch-hiker ]

Dad hated the beach.
He would wear his church clothes
while sitting up near the dune grass
and parking lot.

[Sunburn and Sandy KFC ]

[Cut-off Blue Jeans ]

Gino's Restaurant was the only place
to buy Kentucky Fried Chicken.
It had sand in it.
I got sick on the ride home from
Food Poisoning...
or Sun Poisoning...
or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

multiple drawing and hand writing from my Canson Sketchbook.
Digitally colored via Cintiq and Photoshop - 11x17 inches at 300dpi
click to enlarge the pain.


Anonymous said...

Great illustration. The colors work well together. Your drawing is superb. One of my childhood mom would take the toddler chair I used to eat at the table with, and fasten it to a non-shoulder belt seat belt just so I could see out of the windows. The seat had a safety belt, not me. Ha Ha.

Lisa Graves said...

fabulous linkage... or as they say here in Mass- "wicked pissah"

michele said...

Great illustration! This made me laugh! We used to fight over who had to sit in the back of the wagon- I'm sure it made it fun for the parents, too! How nice of your dad to take you to the beach, even though he didn't enjoy it himself!

zillustration said...

Thanks Guys!
- Katherine - I remember standing on the hump and hanging my arms over the front between the adults in the front seat - No belts, no helmets, lots of steel and huge amounts of horsepower.
-Michele - the rumor was that Dad used to have a Gold Lamay bathing suit, but I never saw him in it. He lived like a Tabby cat.

Chad Grohman said...

It reminds me of the thick plastic that encased our car seats where crayons would melt and want to burn our legs in the summer. That and riding in the spare tire well or the back window ledge. Did cars even have rear seat belts back then?

Fooksie said...

Genius! The expression on that sun-burnt kid's face is fantastic.
I can actually feel the sand in my teeth.

zillustration said...

Fooksie - THAT KID'S ME!! "crunch crunch scrape..."

Getting shuddering chills remembering it!

P√°sztohy Lili said...

kfc bad teeth like as of a mouse and your memories are sad and lack of the sun we don't have memories like that out here and first wanted to ask which one was you but you've just said so that's you and I know now and you looked better then much happier tough too much hunger for bad kfc see you and bye

zillustration said...

flamed by an 8-year-old...

why i oughta...