Friday, April 16, 2010

IF: Detective

zdepski's digital illustration - 1964, Hit n Run
1964 - Hit n Run
Commander Scott Tracy is investigating an apparent Hit and Run on a young starlet.

Hollywood can be cruel.

All evidence points to international bankers...

Wait! What are those marks on her throat?

Definitely Bankers!

Grandpa Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster in Drag-u-la in the background. Scott Tracy from the Thunderbirds are GO! and Barbie from the 60s.

I picture this being played out on the floor, over by the china cupboard.

digital - SketchbookPro, Photoshop - Cintiq
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michele said...

Very clever use of 60's icons- Oh man, did I love watching the Thunderbirds! Great detective work!