Sunday, April 25, 2010

spread 10 color

zdepski's veterinary office interior from dogBabies backyard ABC
here is the vet office interior in color
i chose a real 1970s pallet, but that's to keep my color picking eyeballs in check. i tend to get crazy if i pick by feel. if i choose 5-7 colors to begin with, and stick to them, the final piece has much more harmony.

to re-cap - Vince is waiting for a Vaccination. Wendy's wart is wasting away. Xander is experiencing an exciting X-ray.

out the window on the right is the background to Yvette's Yak - the southwest hills; pink and lavender.

Digital illustration with a Cintiq Tablet in Sketchbook Pro Illustrator and Photoshop - Click the image to enlarge to 1K pixels wide

Friday, April 23, 2010

IF: Ahead

zdepski's digital illustration of The Garden
Look in Ahead to Summer and The Garden

The Garden
Looking Ahead to Summer - Time for All Work, No Fun.

Banana Split - FREE Long plastic spoon
Came in a Cool Boat - Good for the Tub!

The deal was:
If we cleared the entire garden, including the vegetables,
They would take us to the Ice Cream Stand for a Banana Split...
... a Banana Split = $1.25
$1.25 for 480 hours (three summer months)
$0.0026 per hour!!

20 Beds of Iris with 60 varieties each was overboard.
We had Buses arriving to view the insanity.

(Greyhound Bus Tour)
(The Hill)
(Burning Barrel)
(The Cub)
(Hornet Grapes)
(Bad Apples)
(Sewer Water)
(Peacock House - No Birds)
(Field Truck)

Weapon of Choice - DIRT CLOD
The Garden was a sore spot.

I refuse to go into a garden to this day.

This could be an entire chapter in a book... the garden was hell.
3 seasons of drudgery - the 4th we were cutting, chopping, splitting, stacking and burning wood... it broke the monotony.

Corporal Punishment was dished out by the bucket.

I remember the day my brother and I snapped and mowed down the entire garden with the Cub tractor... we set the brush hog blade to the ground and let it chop. I was a teenager by then, and the parents had moved on to other interests, like Alister Cooke and Masterpiece Theatre.

I had never had such a satisfactory harvest.

Good riddance!

Cintiq with Photoshop and scanned drawings - 11x17 inches at 300dpi
click the image to poke my sore spot.

Monday, April 19, 2010

spread 10

zdepski's linework for Xander's X-ray
zdepski's linework for Spread 10

Vince's Vile Vaccination
Wendy's Warts Wasting away
Xander's Exciting X-Ray

line work for Spread 10 of the dogBabies ABC. This is the first "adult" in the book... Dr. Wuf at the the Vet's Office, waving good-bye to Wendy.

Close-up of Xander's X-ray and the Super-special Dog Bones Chart for all of my Medical Illustration Pals... Marie and Michael, don't cringe.

Vince is in awe of the wire game we all see in every doctor's office... This one is made up of 5 various type treatments of the letter "V".

This will go into color stage this week/weekend.

Cintiq - Sketbook Pro, Photoshop and Illustrator

Sunday, April 18, 2010

spreads 7 n 8

zdepski's spread 7 from his MFA project
zdepski's spread 8 from his MFA project

O is Ophelia's Opera Off-Key
P for Pete's Pup Pool Party
Q is Quinn Quitting his Quest
R for Ray giving Rabbits a Rest
S is Stephie - Ready? Set. GO! page is T is Tom, a Tack in his Toe - for you folks that must have rhyming closure.

I threw in some grass texture from a slew of Lawn photos I took in preparation for this project. Not sure if I like it, but for now, here's where I stand.

On to the next spread.
Cintiq - SketchbookPro and Photoshop

Click to enlarge to 1000 wide

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Quinn n Ray

digital illustration by paul zdepski - Quinn and Ray

Q is Quinn Quitting his Quest
R is Ray giving Rabbits a Rest

This is the left-hand page of Spread 8 of the dogBabies ABC. lots of fussing with flowers today. around 14 hours of messing to get it to this point. I think there is more to go, but tomorrow is another day.

Cintiq using both SketchbookPro and Photoshop. Click to enlarge by double

Friday, April 16, 2010

IF: Detective

zdepski's digital illustration - 1964, Hit n Run
1964 - Hit n Run
Commander Scott Tracy is investigating an apparent Hit and Run on a young starlet.

Hollywood can be cruel.

All evidence points to international bankers...

Wait! What are those marks on her throat?

Definitely Bankers!

Grandpa Al Lewis as Grandpa Munster in Drag-u-la in the background. Scott Tracy from the Thunderbirds are GO! and Barbie from the 60s.

I picture this being played out on the floor, over by the china cupboard.

digital - SketchbookPro, Photoshop - Cintiq
click to enlarge

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Girls Bike

preliminary sketch for Greg Zdepski jumping his bike

Legend states: In 1963, my oldest brother Greg took an old woman's bike from 1938 down our hill, hit a dirt jump called "The Nelly" and proceeded to fly 30 feet into the air like a wounded pelican...

He hit the ramp with such force that the bike's front forks sheared off. upon impact with the ground, Greg's family jewels into the now stationary framework...

He lay motionless on the ground... his junk driven so deep into his abdomen, the by-standers thought he was dead.

...they scattered to the wind.

zdepski's pencil drawing of brother Greg's bike breaking while in the air.

The next in line, older brother Mark recounts after my posting:
It was a Sears bike that Mom had gotten w/ S&H green stamps just before the war. The jump was called "The Nellie", it was at the edge of Pete Schiable's lawn, at the intersection of the drive and the road. It was a steep dirt incline only about 12-15” high at about a 45 degree angle, but it could launch you to get air. The name probably derived from the first kid saying whoa Nellie as he went over it in the dawn of kiddom. We (the observers in Pete’s lawn) used to exclaim "and he hits the Nellie" as the rider launched into the air, then we’d measure the distance, in a form of competition.

We’d reconstituted this bike from weather-beaten rust, got new tires from Clyde’s bike shop in Milford , and brush painted it red & black. On the maiden trip down the hill, Greg took charge and decided to go faster than ever before, starting in front of Mr. Curtis’ house (1/4 mile up the hill from Schiable's ramp). Pete & I waited in the lawn off to the side near the front stoop, it was a warm summer evening and I was laying down in the grass, light was failing. When Greg came into sight he was laid down, feet trailing behind, not even on the pedals, head down to eliminate drag, chest over the handlebars. At the moment that we exclaimed "and he hits the Nellie", the goose neck that holds the handlebar to the frame broke and Greg and the bike began to separate into slightly different trajectories. My distinct mental "snap shot" has Greg 6 or 8 feet in the air (probably exaggerated as I was small and was laying down), still climbing in a sitting position and holding the handle bars as the bike was falling away beneath him (kind of like 2001 space odyssey docking maneuvers). He and the bike were in silhouette (just like that scene in ET , he seemed to just keep climbing and traveling). After he hit on top of the bike he didn’t start groaning until after Pete & I had made our way over to him. Pete and I judged that he’d broken the record, but at a significant personal cost, because he’d broken his balls on the bike frame.

I think we repaired the bike, but only after months of searching for a replacement goose neck. I’ve laughed until I’ve cried in the embellished retelling of this story (I only chuckle when I type it).


pencil in my canson, scanned and reworked in SketchbookPro and Cintiq - Preliminary process for a full color illustration in the Corporal Punishment Series.

Click to enlarge the pain.

Monday, April 12, 2010

armadillo brillo

zdepski's moleskine sketch, armadillo brillo
a Texas armadillo reading a mystery among the cactus. this is a merger of two sketches from two moleskine pages did while in Ft. Worth back in March. I need to formulate a Texas reaction illustration, and I have always loved the awkwardness of the armadillo.

pencil on moleskine

click for a hundred extra pixels wide... if you need it.

Friday, April 9, 2010

IF: Linked

zdepski's digital illustration, down the shore - corporal punishment series
Forever LINKED in my mind... KFC, Sand and Sickness

Long rides to the shore, after sitting in a church pew in northern New Jersey.

Title: Some Sundays Down-the-Shore : Corporal Punishment Series

We boiled in our sweat
since Dad didn't want exhaust fumes
coming in from the back window...

The Dodge wagon was a KILLER
on long rides.

[Dirty Hippy Hitch-hiker ]

Dad hated the beach.
He would wear his church clothes
while sitting up near the dune grass
and parking lot.

[Sunburn and Sandy KFC ]

[Cut-off Blue Jeans ]

Gino's Restaurant was the only place
to buy Kentucky Fried Chicken.
It had sand in it.
I got sick on the ride home from
Food Poisoning...
or Sun Poisoning...
or Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

multiple drawing and hand writing from my Canson Sketchbook.
Digitally colored via Cintiq and Photoshop - 11x17 inches at 300dpi
click to enlarge the pain.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trickster at Amazon

FINALLY... my first digital illustration project has made it to print. I am one of twenty-one illustrators paired with Native American writers to create a compilation of folk tales dealing with various "Tricksters" across all of the cultures.

Coordinator/Editor Matt Dembicki paired me with a writer from Honolulu Hawai'i by the name of Thomas Cummings. Thomas recounts the legend of Puapualenalena, Wizard Dog of the Waipi'o Valley. Puapualenalena must recover the sacred Conch shell trumpet from the evil and nasty U'Hané demons.

In the course of the journey, I corresponded with a very helpful Hula expert named Leilehua Yuen. Leilehua gave me pointers about dress and hair styles - really quite detailed.

zdepski's digital illustration of Puapualenalena stealing the talisman conch

As projects go, it was stressful, since I was launching into unknown territory, but as an experience, I thought it was great.

You can buy your own copy online for around $16 via Trickster at Amazon

Buy one for yourself, one for your local library and one for your car.

Friday, April 2, 2010

IF: Dip

Zdepski's illustration Thorazine Ride - Corporal Punishment Series
Corporal Punishment: Thorazine Ride

My mom's medication was always an issue...
Like when she fell asleep while driving us home from practice.
We lunged for the wheel of the Gremlin to keep it on the dirt road.

I shudder to think about it... we were headed for the dip in Gallmeyer Road, a twisty, hilly, pot-hole strewn, single lane road. It was the dead of winter, and we were on the way back from wrestling practice. I can't remember if the neighbor kid was with us, but he probably was... I just remember my brother and I trying to wrestle the wheel at 40mph with no access to the peddles.

Ah... for the days that doctors would throw pills at a problem and hope it was too zonked out to ruin their golf outing.

Pencil Sketch - to Cintiq in SketchbookPro and Photoshop.
Click to enlarge the terror.

Women's Defense

Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class
I was able to witness some very, VERY intense action at the Strasburg High School gym last night. Strasburg's Finest put on a 3-day/6-hour women's self-defense seminar. My wife and daughter took part, and my son and I were invited by the force to view the last session... the graduation gauntlet.

Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class

My daughter is the lovely lady in red - I am especially proud of her, since she was the youngest trainee, and in the frames below, you'll see how small she was compared to her opponents in blue... one of the officers has got to be 6'4"... which evident in the frame of her lunging from the left.
Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class
Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class

The ladies were fired up, and they handed some whoopass to the instructors, who had to repeatedly switch out the soft-suit... punches have a way of getting through.
Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class
Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class
WHAM WHAM!! Two Shots to the head in one frame! GO GIRL!
Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class
Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class
Zdepski's photo of women's self defense class

Thanks to the SPD for putting this event on!

Selfishly, I was able to shoot some excellent dramatic photographic reference! I see huge potential with the lighting and action... I need to get into the studio!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


zdepski's photo of a kid at dealey plaza

This kid is standing on the spot where John Kennedy was shot at Dealey Plaza... note the little white X painted on the road... Everyone in Texas want's to risk traffic to tempt the adage that lightning won't strike twice.

zdepski's photo of daley plaza

High over Daley Plaza is the Dallas Phallus... telling the world, "Yeah, we shot Kennedy, F.U."

zdepski's photo of a longhorn steer sign

In Texas, they love to put steers on buildings. This was my favorite, whereas many are just dumpy fat bulls advertising Chicken Fried Steak.

zdepski's photo of a sikorsky skycrane

In Ft. Worth, I caught a few hundred photos of a Sikorsky Sky Crane hard a work on a public school... in the air, and on the ground.

zdepski's photo of a cow hobby horse

This was the strangest of the hobby horses I found. Happy Cow, next to a steak house. Ride'em, and Eat'em.