Saturday, July 4, 2009

IF: Shaky

Zdepski's Feller Bug startled awake by a Wolf Spider, watercolor
Zdepski's Feller Bug startled awake by a Wolf Spider, watercolor
"Feller Bug" is sporting a Shaky Trigger-Finger as he's roused from a fitful sleep by the snuffing of a hungry Wolf Spider!

This is part of my latest series of bugs doing silly things... not sure how this works into my Thesis, but it IS giving me experience with the medium, directing the eye and fun subject matter.

Master Murray Tinkelman with some sage advice, pointing out that I tend to be very middle of the road; 50/50 in my designs... 50/50 warm-cool, 50/50 horizon-line... it's not always apparent, but notice the rock structures in this piece... enter 1/3 up on the left and exit 1/3 from the top on the right - an exact bias slice. I have this ingrained symmetry that needs to be broken... More 80/20 or 90/10.

The previous posts for the week show the progression, from Greenbottle Fly, Bug Rustler and the grayscale and color comps for this piece. It's been a fun week at the easel.

Happy 4th to all you Yanks!

Lucas Watercolor on Fabriano - Click to view at a Larger size.


John said...

really colorful and fun piece I really like it! Great job and thanks for the holiday cheer and I'm now a follower of yours!

Jack Foster said...

Great angle Paul! Love your colors and composition! Nice!

Nicola said...

Wow!!! Brilliant!! I just love it, so full of colour and very eye catching!!

Indigene said...

It's an explosion of color and action! Just wonderful!

kathy hare said...

now that IS shaky!