Monday, July 20, 2009

Hartford: Day 8

zdepski's digital painting of Ernest Borgnine, day 1
Ernest is being worked on digitally. I had lost a full two hours when Painter X crashed, and unlike Photoshop, it doesn't provide a recoverable temporary file. It's my own fault. I used to stop my classes nearly every 15 minutes and tell my kids to SAVE... I didn't follow my own advice.

Last night's crit went pretty well. You know how weird I am about not being a realist among realists, but the faculty and students really seem to deal with each piece on it's own merits. Both Murray Tinkleman and Durwin Talon mentioned they liked my piece, and that means a lot.

Today was chock full of information. Murray covered the 1970s and 80s in American Illustration today. The field broadens in possible subjects for my paper... Brad Holland? Frank Frazetta? Bob Peak? They're all great.

Tonight I plan on working on another version of Pillow Rider for a mock cover of Esquire magazine, or an early Playboy for Murray's painting assignment. I'll have to hash it out a bit.

Tomorrow is more digital fun. All Spongebob, all the time.

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