Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hartford: Day 4

zdepski's version of arnold in color
this is about as far as i want to go... especially since it's looking less and less like Schwarzenegger. Lesson learned... move on. Best thing about this piece are the veins in the temples

i'm wiped out... carrying everything... this is why prospectors had burros. to do the CF Payne technique, you have to have colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor/gouache and oil to mimic... it's a huge amount of effort. crate, briefcase and portfolio... the kicker is that the university is tearing up the walkways, so we have to walk and walk and walk to get to classes. killer.

With the Arnold painting here in the hotel room - I tried to push it a bit further. i think it needs oil to save the day... acrylic is a bitch. can't do half the things oil can do.

what is driving me crazy about this week is everything going wrong back home, while i'm 7 hours away... Noelle spent the night in the hospital, with both kids sleeping in the waiting room. pain in the arm triggered them to want to monitor her for a heart attack... Thank God, no heart issues, but a severely pinched nerve... Why does this crap happen when I'm away?

Last year at this time, both washer and dryer crapped out...

We don't need anymore opera our lives.

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