Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hartford: Day 10

zdepski's digital painting of Ernest Borgnine, day 3
Noelle's doing better and suggested that i stick in CT until the end. She's in good hands, and grandma is herding the kids around to swim lessons and friends houses. I'm nearly done here, and have two days to go.

Today Nancy Stahl, digital artist, as seen on many postage stamps and magazines, talked about her work. Nancy is also my digital illustration instructor, along with Jean Tuttle this week. They're giving me tons of short cuts and tips about Illustrator and Painter X.

Murray did a great lecture on "What is Art?" which matched found images and textures that mimic artists in art history and recent gallery work. It was very thought provoking and spawn a buzz of conversations afterward.

Ernest is here, Day 3 - I have layered the hell out of it, and plan on laying type into it tomorrow.... possibly deleting some layers may be in order, or toning them down a bit.
click to enlarge.

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