Thursday, July 9, 2009

2 decades later

zdepski's sumi ink drawing of bob and z wasted drunk
zdepski's drawing of drink being offered while cold turkey
zdepski's drawing of a creepy woman bumming change in the 1980s
after an IM conversation with an old friend, I dug out some of my work from the mid-late 80s. I was living in Philly - scrambling to be an artist... no luck.

tough times for me then.

I do like what is happening in some of the old line work.

Apologies to Bob... I don't remember if your mouth was agape while in the tub... probably.

Drink piece was while I was going cold turkey from 2 packs of ciggies per day... did a lot of wild drawings then... cathartic while Jonesing.

Sow on Lombard Street was just one of the many whack-jobs you meet in the city... can't take what's given.

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