Monday, April 13, 2009


no painting, no sketching, no brainstorms.

arrgh... i hate mowing my lawn. all hill, all long and always a chore. it makes me loose creative hours, but i have found that ideas have developed in my head while doing that mindless chore.

perhaps the worst of it is the neighbors are very house-proud and lawn-lovers.. hands and knees weeding dandelions. i've always hated gardening, and consider this an extension of that painful part of my childhood. summers were 6 days in the gardens... with the promise of a milkshake at the end of the year ($1 back then)... sounds a bit like Dickens, no?

i was able to move my SF paper forward a few paragraphs, but still need to get more background info on my subject. research is everything... tying results together is the easy part.

next weekend will be more focused.

I need to learn this on my guitar... My son and I sing the AHHHaaAHHHaah ahhh aaaaaahhhh! WAHH WHHAAA WHAAAA! around the house all the time, and this weekend was FULL of it. He's so funny when his voice cracks trying to hit those high notes. I bust out!

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