Monday, April 20, 2009


zdepski's sketch of canadian snow birds_5
zdepski's sketch of canadian snow birds_1
zdepski's sketch of canadian snow birds_2
zdepski's sketch of canadian snow birds_4
I live along the I-81 corridor - I use it daily, and in particular, during my trips north to New Jersey and Pennsylvania. One thing I notice about the spring season is the unusual volume of Canadians in gigantic RVs and F-350s pulling travel trailers the size of a minor third world country. The are coffing along a few mph below 65, towing a honda, mini or toyota behind them. The must be making BANK up there, or it's just that I only see those that can afford to travel like this. There are so many of them on the highway traveling, you'd think it was Ringling Brother's or a NASCAR infield procession.

Many of you along I-95 and other major corridors must also see them trudging back and forth to Florida. I can't be the only one to have noticed this...

So, I broke out my oversized sketchbook and knocked these out last night.

Sno Birds: pencil on strathmore, click to enlarge

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