Thursday, April 2, 2009

Number 1

Niki Zdepski's winning poster design for recycling
zdepski's whiteboard sketch
Niki, son of mine and budding illustrator, has brought home the county-wide prize for the Recycling Awareness Poster design for the 2nd grade age group. He's proud as a peacock (not to mention his old man) but he wishes they would give him a trophy instead of a ribbon. I found a prominent place in our dining room to hang the poster and ribbon, but in the morning, we found an addition to the kitchen whiteboard. It seems the shoe-cobbler elves had drawn a picture of Niki in first place, Tilly in second and your truly in a disgruntled third.

The shoe elves will pay!

Congratulations Niki!

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Q. said...

YOU ARE SO ADORABLE I cannot stand it.